Together Project-Help 3000 underprivileged children access quality ...

Goal: Together Project works to ensure all children in Qatar have equitable access to education in order to unlock their potential to be productive, responsible and contributing residents who transform their local communities and contribute to the country’s economic prosperity.



The Project aims to mitigate the barriers faced by the children through collaboration with local ministries and NGOs, liaising with affected communities, and facilitating the establishment of alternative educational initiatives.

Locations: Qatar

Duration: ongoing

Number of Beneficiaries: 3000

Total Project Budget: $11,506,849



1. Provide enrollment to children at Affordable Community Schools through scholarships

2. Established The First Assalam School operating in two shifts, for non-Arabic speaking children, and enroll 600 students

3. Established The Second Assalam School operating in two shifts, for Arabic speaking children, and enroll 600 students



Project Statistics

Educate one child for

14k QAR

3.8k USD

Number of students sponsored


Student Beneficiaries per month


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