Waxbar Carurtaada II – Educate Your Children II

Country Context:


According to the Somali government, upwards of 50 percent of primary-school-age children are out of school in Somalia, with girls, the extremely poor, nomadic pastoralists, IDPs, ethnic minority children, and rural children being disproportionately affected. Furthermore, Somalia’s overall gross enrolment rate (GER) in 2015-16 was a mere 32 percent (35.2 percent for boys; 28.9 percent for girls). In conflict-affected areas, enrolment rates are even lower (8 percent for girls). The Somali Government estimates that the primary GER for nomadic people is just 3.1 percent, and amongst IDPs, it is 16.6 percent. The highest number of children missing out on education due to drought, potential famine, and economic pressure happens to come from regions in the country that are most affected by conflict.


Project Overview:



The joint EAC/CARE USA Waxbar Carurtaada II project is a three-year initiative that will be implemented across 17 districts within the five Somalia regional states of Galmudug, Hirshabelle, Jubaland, South West, and Puntland. The primary goal of the project is to ensure that 57,600 out-of-school children (OOSC) affected by instability, displacement, social exclusion, and poverty in Somalia have access to and the opportunity to complete a quality primary education. To address the primary education access barriers prevalent in Somalia, the Waxbar Carurtaada II project aims to strengthen local governance structures and community support around school safety. Flexi-classes, remedial support, and accelerated basic education (ABE) will also provide viable alternatives for learners unable to access education or attend regularly due to seasonal migration, domestic responsibilities, and the need to partake in income-generating activities. Teachers will receive training, school supplies, and salary support to assist and incentivize their pedagogical practice in the classroom. We will rehabilitate schools and construct temporary schools to provide child-friendly learning spaces that will accommodate the projected increase in enrolment rates amongst marginalized groups, including girls and the extremely poor. 





Nomadic/Pastoralist lifestyle

Challenging geographies

Overage status

Lack of school infrastructure

Gender discrimination

Lack of trained teachers

Internal displacement

Conflict (attacks against schools) & insecurity


Scholarships for girls with disabilities

Flexible-learning programmes

Provision of teaching and learning materials

Accelerated learning program

Rehabilitation of schools

Building gender-sensitive WASH facilities

Training for teachers and education officials

Construction of  temporary schools and/or learning spaces

Community engagement

Project Statistics

Educate one child for

783 QAR

215 USD

Number of students sponsored


Student Beneficiaries per month

Open Goal

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