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Al Fakhoora works to ensure the right to education for youth in conflict-affected regions, through the provision of a holistic Higher Education model.  Our goal is to unlock a new generation of marginalized youth to become educated, professionally skilled, civically engaged individuals who inspire and guide their families and communities towards cohesion and prosperity.



The Project:

Al Fakhoora is looking for funding for our 2025 strategy through innovative educational opportunities, strategic partnerships with other leading foundations and universities to provide an additional 4,000 holistic scholarship to support academic achievement and skills development to ensure the most civic-minded youth can truly make difference for themselves, their peers and their communities.  In particular, Al Fakhoora has earmarked 1,000 scholarships to the most marginalized youth in Gaza.


With our partners this program awards scholarships to disadvantaged youth and in-service teachers. Launched in spring 2021, the new program will grant 339 scholarships over the next eight years.


The aims are to provide 339 scholarship with an average investment of $12,500


TOTAL Al Fakhoora Budget: $ 50,000,000


Project Statistics

Educate one child for

9k QAR

Number of students sponsored


Student Beneficiaries per month


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