Educate one child for

260 QAR

71 USD

Student Beneficiaries per month


Assist 501, 574 out of school children in Nigeria get a quality and inclusive education

GOAL: To enroll 501,574 OOSC in primary school, improve retention rates, and strengthen the quality of teaching and education at the primary level overall in the target states.

Location: Northern Nigerian states


Educate one child for

180 QAR

Student Beneficiaries per month


Project in Pakistan developing leadership skills and socio economic empowerment for 30,000 youth

GOAL: This project will mentor youth groups using a series of interactive activities to develop leadership and socio economic empowerment skills; encourage self-awareness and reflection; promote appreciation of diversity and awareness on...

Educate one child for

240 QAR

65 USD

Student Beneficiaries per month


Empowering 31,000 Youth Through Civic Engagement and Global Leadership in Tunisia

GOAL: The project aims to build trust between youth, the community, and the government to reinforce the citizenship and dialogue capacities of both youth and government institutions. It will focus on building civic engagement both in-per...

Educate one child for

350 QAR

90 USD

Student Beneficiaries per month


Change the lives of 150,000 refugees and IDP children in Iraq, Educate them.

GOAL: To focus on providing educational support to change the lives of 150,000 OOSC, including IDPs and returnee children.

Locations: six governorates (Baghdad, Erbil, Babil, Thi Qar, Salah Al Din and Ninewa) in Iraq which have s...

Educate one child for

450 QAR

120 USD

Student Beneficiaries per month


Help 596,597 children access and remain in education for a more sustainable future

GOAL: To ensure access to quality education and student retention for 596,597 out of school Children.

Locations: Mali.

Duration: 4 years.

Total Project budget: $143,232,678

Approach: Teachers training, pro...

Educate one child for

14k QAR

Student Beneficiaries per month


Together Project- Help 3000 underprivileged children access quality education

GOAL: In 2015, Education Above All initiated “Together” program that is dedicated to identifying and addressing the barriers that are keeping children inside Qatar from enrolling to schools, and provide them with equal access...

Educate one child for

192 QAR

Student Beneficiaries per month


Non-formal primary level education to forcibly displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN)

The total beneficiaries for this project are 35,000 out-of-school children, with a cost of QAR 185M, spanning over 1 year.

BRAC, a Bangladesh-based organisation widely recognised for its ability to design, implement and scale com...

Educate one child for

20 QAR


Student Beneficiaries per month


Help one Million children in Pakistan get an education

Goal: To reach and enrol 1,050,000 OOSC in selected districts in Pakistan.

Locations: districts of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Baluchistan.

Duration: 3 years.